Dear Pilates and Yoga Enthusiasts!

Dear Pilates & Yoga Enthusiasts!

The worldwide phenomenon has come to Zen Wall Pilates in Sherwood, in Brisbane's inner west.

Using a series of clips and belts attached to a custom made wall system, Zen Wall Pilates is a more supportive form of power pilates designed to improve muscle tone and posture, increase flexibility, increase oxygen and blood flow and improve overall mind and health.

Channel 7 TV personality Sofie Formica is a long time fan of yoga and a life member of Zen Wall Pilates' sister studio, Zen Hot Yoga. Sofie has been one of the first to try the new Zen Wall Pilates and says,

"After trying just a few classes I am excited about adding Zen Wall Pilates to my exercise regime as the perfect compliment to a Hot Yoga class to strengthen core muscles, tone and elongate my body while understanding the subtleties of alignment and posture. If you are looking for the benefits of resistance training but can't stand the 'gym' then these classes are ideal. Alternatively, if you are like me and you love your yoga practice, adding Zen Wall Pilates will only help you get the most out of your yoga practice to make you stronger. These Pilates classes combine the best elements of flexibility and strength, I'd definitely recommend giving it a go."

Pilates and Yoga Wall Making it on the news coming to Brisbane for the first time.